Technology Review July

A terrific article called Second Earth, published by Technology Review..

just register to read the whole article, it is one of the finest and well thought out articles I have read…. and does include NOAA and the Science School:



A good article about business and the Science School. There is still positive press about Second Life out there….


Better Planet: Nuke Power is Earth’s Friend. Dirty coal plants are killers. It’s time to replace them with wind turbines and nuclear reactors.

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Go Get a Virtual Life

National Public Radio’s Ira Flatow broadcasts the Science Friday show at the Science School every Friday at 11AM SL time. Join the Science Friday group in Second Life!

Listen to Science Friday here.

Science School featured in the online journal Inside Higher Ed

 One thing I want to point out is the grant is for course development and staffing, a small portion will be used for the Science School.

See the DU TODAY article